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Kali Foreman

My name is Kali Foreman, I am the Operations Specialist for American Healthcare Management Group. I am responsible for payroll, employee hiring and onboarding, Human Resources assistance, resident billing and provide administrative assistance to my team members as well as those of our community leaders.

My journey with American Healthcare Management Group started in January of 2021. I was hired as Administrative Manager for one of their communities in Illinois. I worked in this role for 16 months before transitioning into my current position as Operations Specialist. I have now worked under American Healthcare Management Group for two and a half years.

Prior to starting my Administrative Manager position, I worked in the Hospitality industry for just under 10 years. During my time in the Hospitality industry I worked as an Office Assistant, Catering Sales Manager, Banquet and Catering Manager and Hotel Event Manager. In these roles I became versed in billing and expenses, employee hiring, scheduling, budgeting, operations, and client satisfaction. Although my time in the Healthcare field is brief, may of the things I learned in my time in Hospitality have helped me become successful in advancing with American Healthcare Management Group. 

Fun Facts:

I was born and raised in a northwestern suburb of Chicago, Illinois where I currently still reside. I enjoy traveling, hiking, reading, cooking and baking. I have one brother and one sister and am the proud Aunt to my niece and nephew.